Beautiful Bulgarian May 2017

I purchased a vintage Polaroid camera yesterday. I had some unopened film from 8/01. This young man walked into the shop today and is a camera enthusiast and photographer. Together we messed with, cleaned and replaced the batteries in the camera . I took this picture of him with a 1970's camera and 16 year old film.
His name is Emilio and he was adopted from Bulgaria when he was 2 years old. He remembers nothing from the first two years of his life. We agreed that someone must have nurtured him because he has experienced no ill effects. He had a presences, an authentic, well adjusted attitude. Our connection was not governed by age. We were in the same ageless space and moment. When we talked of his Mother, he said "if I ever was to meet her, I would thank her for allowing me the life that I have".

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