About us

 About Me:

I like substantial shoes, I am a digger, feeder, traveler, nature needer, chocolate eater, apron wearer, music discoverer, art requirer, people fixer, daily stretcher, strong swimmer, CDL driver, bike rider, city walker, day tripper, sleep resister, solitude seeker, non runner,  picture taker, paper collector, county fair attender, confrontation avoider, horrible speller, above average smeller, a daily crafter,  a word makerupper, and a cat whisperer.    My friends like me because I am honest, down to earth, positive, non judgmental, dependable, creative, and I throw a nice dinner party. 


About Boho a Gogo:


After retiring March of 2017, from driving a school bus for 30 years, I found the need for more freedom and less overhead.  In December of the same year, I sold my brick and mortar Antique shop, of 13 years, and I now, travel to shows and festivals, selling unique vintage and Bohemian inspired items that I have found and or have created.  When traveling, I sleep and sell out of my vintage 1972 Shasta camper.  When parked at home, I smell my Grandchildren, feed my pets and my people, dig in my garden, walk in the woods, go day tripping, make playlists and find and create items to sell at shows, festivals and in this bohemian internet boutique.


 You read everything above?

                                                                                                      Welcome Friend!


Me with Granddaughter Norah, retirement party 2017

                         Retirement Luncheon 2017